Influence Of ICM On Western Music

It is already said that most of the scales in Western Music are some Raga, but without any restrictions and patterns to represent a Raga perfectly and as such only the talented musicians will be able to create good melodies. ICM provides a huge frame work to delve further into mood specific music. For example in Blues A# or Bb is a mandatory note and in ICM A# or Bb is such a special note that on account of it there are 16 THATs or categories which in turn deliver quite a good number of Ragas which will have its influence on Blues. The few such names of Ragas are Pure Kalyan, Kamod, Sohini, Hindole, Pure Sarang, Shyam Kalyan etc. If Blues is played or sung with specific knowledge of these Ragas, it will definitely enhance the horizon of Blues Music. I would request the Blues musician to do the experiment. The structure and other requisites of these Ragas and other Ragas will be provided very shortly. The music that touches our heart always defies time and ICM is a big stride towards it.

The process of software based critical analysis of the influence of ICM on Western Music will be published in ragarockHarmony in an ongoing basis later.